About Me

I like words. I like the way they can be used to represent a person, a person’s senses, a person’s environment and the perceptions, notions, emotions and the general motion of existence.  I like to immerse myself into the different avatars of words – the ones with the seductive scent of the ink on paper, the ones that float coyly in the air accompanied by different hues of sounds and the shapeless vapours in the mind yet to be born into the world.  My name is Samantak Bhadra and I hail from Kolkata, India. I love writing. I love happiness. I love the melancholy. This website is an extension of me. Sit down for a while. Listen to the silent breeze.


Feel free to connect with me at samantak.bhadra@gmail.com or +917676219046.

My Facebook profile – http://www.facebook.com/samantakb


Will be conducting a performance poetry workshop at the Construkt Festival in Bangalore on the 23rd of March, 2014! Get your passes at http://www.construkt.me !

Will be narrating poetry along with accompanying music in the March show of Let Poetry Be (15th March, 2014). A new experiment of sorts!

Will be the guest reviewer during the launch of Aatish, a poetry anthology centered around social issues (published by On Fire Publications),  at the Leela Palace on the 1st of March, 5.30 pm onwards!

Hosting Let Poetry Be, a poetry show for young adults that shall see fun, wackiness, philosophy, colours and a whole lot of energy!  The show shall be held on the third Saturday of every month 5 pm onwards (starting Feb 2014) at Atta Galatta, Bangalore! We are associating with Strip Tease, the graphic art magazine. Show them some love!

   Performing in the Bangalore chapter of 100 Thousand Poets for Change at Atta Galatta, Bangalore, on the 21st of September, 2013, 5 pm onward!

Featured poet on “Tuesdays With The Bard” at Urban Solace, Bangalore on the 23rd of July, 2013, 7 pm onwards!