Ah! Margarita!

by samantakbhadra

Dark waterfall of soft strands
Playing in the air, loftily…
Dark hollows piercing my heart
White shine-brighter than the sun…
Caricature of the milkiest dye
Rosiest ambrosias, sweet nor’westers…
Angelic face, love supreme
Eve’s grace and a hue in cream…
Floating enigma of delight
Captivating perfume of silky nethers…
Encumbering all other damsels
Fairest pearl of the night sky
Outshining the heavens who sculpted her
That is Margarita…
A soul without words
A despair without losses
A bride without the pain
A momentary ray of hope
The sunshine of the day
A melody of mystical times
Margarita is that…
Masterpiece of my brush
Reflection of my demeanour
Melody of my seasons
That is Margarita…

Published in “Inklinks” by Poet’s Corner, India (January, 2013)

Published in Cuib Nest Nido, Romania (October, 2012)