Let’s Be Quiet

by samantakbhadra

Wrapped up by a blanket of sound
The world barks like a hound
The air we breathe is full of noise
They say that we have no choice
What is the meaning of serenity
If it does not exist in our city
Our ears grow old too fast
As peace of mind collects dust
Silence is like a gem today
Like a needle in the hay

Is it so hard to dispel noise
Find some calm and rejoice
Let us revisit the magical silence
Where is the need to be so tense
Let us be quiet for some time
Forget the world full of grime
Let us breathe happily once again
Let us try and become sane

Published in Cuib Nest Nido, Romania (October, 2012)

Published in Cybersoleil Journal, USA (September, 2012)