Musicism For The Soul

by samantakbhadra

Dance down the boulevard
Seraphims of happiness fly
Sweet nectar in the veins
The saxophone plays..
Sharps and flats move..
Move like the beats of my heart
The colours blend in playfully
Neon lights dance to my beats
Leaves flow in a soft deluge
The branches sway at my music

Wrap your arms around it
The ganja flows in the air
Ambrosias smell like the magic
Peels of laughter resound
From beyond the horizon
Aurora dances in the sky
The music of happiness
Time ceases to stare
Wonderstruck eyes at the mirth
The notes build up on you
Build castles in the air
The ultimate saga is this
I play my saxophone
Beside the dusky river
Under the shining moonlight
I play my happy notes

Published in Cuib Nest Nido, Romania (October, 2012)