Rain And The Window Pane

by samantakbhadra

That big grey palate

Outside my window

Stroked with raindrops

Happiness from the skies


The window sighs

While I look outside

Gentle drops of water

Adorn the window-frame


The Gods do play

While the Earth sings

She is the bride, they say

We shower her with rain


The earthy fragrance

Flirting with the wild orchids

Lulling the newborn to sleep

Avatars of happiness, it seems


Hoarse laughter from the crow

Perched now on the treetop

Drenched in the rain

Feels like a king, for sure


My mind is on the streets

Jumping in the puddle

Near that tailor’s shop

Simple joy it seeks


Unrestrained hair blowing

Being wooed by the wind

Sitting beside the window

I put on a pleasant grin


The heart is light

The soul is unshackled

Leaving the skin behind

I dissolve in the surroundings


The rain is still falling

The thunder is boasting

Intoxicated I am now

In the wine of happiness