Some Believe

by samantakbhadra

They run across the street
Complete in their formal attire
Do they see the story unfolding
Right before their eyes
Hurried feet.. sweaty brows
Time steals away their life
Sea of hope on the roads
Failing to see the dead end
Towering offices of concrete
Try to beat the light above

Is it a farce I see here
Or is it a lost world
I see the plastic world
Commiting suicide everyday
Hope is there somewhere
The village pastor or..
The newborn on the road
The trees grow everyday
They believe in existence
The sun shines with hope
Throws itself on the roads
The birds sing today
Happiness fills them up
The breeze passes by
Refreshing the hearts
They believe in us
Do we believe in us?

Published in Cuib Nest Nido, Romania (October, 2012)