The Dusty Sea

by samantakbhadra

Silent stars crawl up the night sky

Crying out loud in the lost space

Shedding the last few shards of light

Heartless telescopic eyes.. blind as can be

Figure out the signs for your own sake

You only have one toy to play with

Realization is the precious Kohinoor

Life is not larger than the sea

The horizon is to be measured

Clean your eyes for your own sake

Or would you rather stay blind

And laugh at decadence

Your feet are dusty

You have made them so

They testify against you

O heartless creatures..

Creatures of the nether world

Do not soil the sea further

The feverish fervour is frightening

May your souls rest in peace

O noble devils of the flesh

Published in Cuib Nest Nido, Romania (October, 2012)