The Innocent Criminal

by samantakbhadra

Infinite fields of the mind

Mowed down

For what is natural

Is now a fictional story

That free thought?


Behind those bars

Or under house arrest

The free mind

Coerced into submission

External forces

Wiping the colour

Gods of a black and white universe

Gradual decay

Of the child’s smile

And the innocent euphoria

The present

Is the future we talked about

The reflections in the mirror

Are robots

From the sci-fi movies

Soul is caged

While the body roams

Roams under submission

Eternal war

Bulls and the bullied fight

Feverish soul

Do not doubt

Walk on the road

Do not look beyond

If you want to live long

Shh.. They’re listening

They are listening

Published in Cuib Nest Nido, Romania (October, 2012)