The Momentary Word

by samantakbhadra

You spit me out

Like a necessity

Like a volcano


I adorn your paper


Beautified with ink


In a moment of indiscretion

You grow blind

Forgetting me

Strike through

Death knell

Maybe you are lost

Therefore, losing me


In a moment

I fall through

To the nethers

Glory in tatters

Once desired

Now despicable

Scribbled out


The birth

The cause

Of the death

To live

To die

In the same breath

I was alive


Scribbled me out

Disfigured me

But I remain

On the page

Hapless reminder

You had wanted me

Even if for a brief moment

Published in Recours au Poème, France (August, 2013)

Published in “Connections” by Solstice Initiative, Ireland (March, 2013)

  Published in  “A Poet’s View Of Being” by Brian Wrixon Books, Canada (October, 2012)