The Mutation Of A Dream

by samantakbhadra



The dampness of the floor kissed my weary veins as my tall frame cajoled itself to rise up and start walking. There was an invisible wave blowing through the room and outside it. The walls and the bed beside mine were floating coyly inside the silky wave. There was no one on the bed which should not have been the case. I walked through the wave effortlessly and reached the door of my room. Outside it, the hallway was equally empty, barren and somewhat lost. The walls were gray. Perfectly painted and gray. At the corner, stood a cupboard. It was partially open. I peered into it and there were abandoned cobwebs. The cupboard was a dark gray. Finally, I moved out onto the balcony. The view was indeed splendid. Scores of trees lined up their manes beholding the gray worn leaves that wandered about with the effervescent wave. There were solitary bewildered (or were they free?) leaves riding on and in the wave while the trees never seemed devoid of them. A sea of trees with their gray leaves and a constant quaint rustling sound filled up the environment. There was a chair waiting for me. I sat down. Peacefully lost.




The eyelids parted to give way to a humongous enchanted spinning vortex. It was pitch dark and the vortex kept on turning ever so slowly gnawing away at the bits of foreign particles floating in the air but too miniscule to be discerned by the common eye. My groggy eyes kept on staring at this sensation as my body lifted itself up and attempted to get off the bed. My feet looked ghoulish and mutated but they did not feel any different. The floor was the surface of the sea. I could see clear pristine life below the liquid grooves. There were small fishes and big ones and other randomly shaped creatures floating about freely in no direction in particular. My feet moved over the sea of water in an effortlessly buoyant manner. I walked across slowly, playing with the invisible waves, as they came along lazily and seduced me as they flew through my mind. My bed was in the distance now or maybe it had lost itself in the horizon. Fare thee well, my comforted companion.

As I walked further, I chanced across a second bed. It was identical to mine and it resembled a barren and deserted tract of land shunned by humanity and languishing in the shadows of deprivation.  Where was he? This was his bed. Where are you, little kid?

I stepped out of the water and out of my room. The door was embroidered with pictures from the old days to the new. Photographs of memories adorned the frame. It was an exquisite and bewildering sight. The door was open but the designs and the carvings scared me. I flung myself, sweating, through the door, eventually landing on the water with a loud splash. My clothes were dry much to my dismay. I longed to taste the wetness of the clear water on my clothes which would slowly mould a shiver down my spine. A deep sense of sadness filled me up as I came to terms with the opacity of this surreal environment.  The cupboard in the corner beckoned me like a newlywed. As I neared it, the door of the cupboard creaked open to reveal the guarded cobwebs of yesteryears. As my wrinkled fingers crept through these strange, random and delicately silken cobwebs, a startling paradox came into light. My hand had touched a time-triggered bomb.

The explosion and the grand symphonies of existence came together in one loud ear-splitting reality-shattering bang. For many seconds, there was an outpouring of bright light from all ends. The sea and the vortex had coalesced into a big ball of light and fire. As with time, the effect diminished. Through the haze emerged a forest dotted with gray trees. The water had receded to give way to a sea of leaves floating in the breeze. The fiery rage had given way to the soft sounds of the breeze in between the branches of the trees. As I stood on the balcony, I saw a figure emerge. The boy, naked and glowing, walked towards my house.

The kid was finally back home. It had found itself.