The Wall And The Parallel Worlds

by samantakbhadra

Sprawling acres of happiness

Delicate and plastic

Thunderous gates bar entry

Ominous harsh wall surrounds

To hide out the reality

Or hide in the unreal

Green angels float softly

Sunlight pampers the thought

Delusional opulence

Crammed in a plastic bottle

The unnatural heaven

And the lavish dwelling

Abuzz with the cry of new life

Heralded in the chambers

Praised by all and sundry

Drowning the negativity

Hiding the scars of reality

Bathed in silk and pure milk

Opulent bosoms tend

The infant sleeps in gold

The illusion of gaiety

Falls sharply at the edge

As a grey world emerges

With fangs dripping of blood

Outside the wall

Flow the bleached colours

Solace is a foe today

In a world of ravaged hope

Furrows of dark anguish

Mutating the skin

Makeshift dwellings catch the eye

Half-naked creatures of the night

Dissolved in the darkness

Salty droplets of neglect

Somewhere in the cluster

Amidst dirty scavengers

Dying embers emit a light

And a child is born

In the nectar of poverty

In the ocean of lost hope

Stone walls divide the worlds

Slow death of a lowly born

Fountain of life for the other

Two worlds so far

Yet so close… so close…

Unheralded life ebbs away

Into the distant nether

Velvet feather pampers the other

Paradoxical whimsical fate

Christens one and forgets the other

Published in Recours au Poème, France (August, 2013)

Published in Cuib Nest Nido, Romania (October, 2012)

Published in “A Poet’s View Of Being” by Brian Wrixon Books, Canada (October, 2012)