The Silent Breeze

Be quiet for a while. Listen.

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Up there

Yes, you!

Your golden throne?

Carved by lies and fangs

That belong to you

You, who reserve

Privileged  privileges

Just for yourself

Reserve your game reserve

For your entertainment

The game reserve

Contains us

Pawns in a game

You deceive

Buttered hands

Buying imported butter

Buttering special buttocks


Many special rights

Leaking many wrongs

Flowing into the mass

In the bottle

Of limited capacity

Limited endurance


Bonded Labourer

Walking on a barbwire

Careful slow steps

Ballerina on cue

Walks the human

On an inhumane road


And the sweaty soiled hand

Herded by the shepherd

Ripples and the water

Wrinkles and time

Slow warm breath


Peaceful Cold

Bickering winter
Naked branches of the dark
Solace in the void

Haikus Of Hope

Dark unpleasant road
Travels the woman I know
Is she still holy?

The night sky is black
Countless souls are mortified
And a candle’s glow

Hope grows on fresh trees
Tsunami of sunlight comes
Her deity now glows!

Published in “Aatish” by On Fire Publications, India (March, 2014)

The Momentary Word

You spit me out

Like a necessity

Like a volcano


I adorn your paper


Beautified with ink


In a moment of indiscretion

You grow blind

Forgetting me

Strike through

Death knell

Maybe you are lost

Therefore, losing me


In a moment

I fall through

To the nethers

Glory in tatters

Once desired

Now despicable

Scribbled out


The birth

The cause

Of the death

To live

To die

In the same breath

I was alive


Scribbled me out

Disfigured me

But I remain

On the page

Hapless reminder

You had wanted me

Even if for a brief moment

Published in Recours au Poème, France (August, 2013)

Published in “Connections” by Solstice Initiative, Ireland (March, 2013)

  Published in  “A Poet’s View Of Being” by Brian Wrixon Books, Canada (October, 2012)

Rain And The Window Pane

That big grey palate

Outside my window

Stroked with raindrops

Happiness from the skies


The window sighs

While I look outside

Gentle drops of water

Adorn the window-frame


The Gods do play

While the Earth sings

She is the bride, they say

We shower her with rain


The earthy fragrance

Flirting with the wild orchids

Lulling the newborn to sleep

Avatars of happiness, it seems


Hoarse laughter from the crow

Perched now on the treetop

Drenched in the rain

Feels like a king, for sure


My mind is on the streets

Jumping in the puddle

Near that tailor’s shop

Simple joy it seeks


Unrestrained hair blowing

Being wooed by the wind

Sitting beside the window

I put on a pleasant grin


The heart is light

The soul is unshackled

Leaving the skin behind

I dissolve in the surroundings


The rain is still falling

The thunder is boasting

Intoxicated I am now

In the wine of happiness

The Mime Called Time

The leaves fall and wither

Pages turn monotonously

The calendar falls off the wall

I am the witness, stranger


There are no random bursts

There is only consistent loss

The eyes become stones

I have felt it, stranger


The skin peels off slowly

Virility is a dying flame

The mind is a rusted nail

I mourn you, stranger


Grey is your house now

The paint is thus extinct

The creepers are free

I reside there, stranger

A calm fire is burning

Smoke hiding the tear

Devouring that armchair

I know of it, stranger

Memories without colour

And an indefinite abyss

Inevitable and unacceptable

Not your fault, stranger

Incessant hands of the clock

The wind pays no heed

Blowing away the dust

You understand, stranger


Light up your eyes

The wheels stop therefore

Sunlight in the room

You may smile, stranger


Every drop of time

Precious bead in a necklace

Silent message is conveyed

I am a mime, stranger

Published in Recours au Poème, France (August, 2013)

The Wall And The Parallel Worlds

Sprawling acres of happiness

Delicate and plastic

Thunderous gates bar entry

Ominous harsh wall surrounds

To hide out the reality

Or hide in the unreal

Green angels float softly

Sunlight pampers the thought

Delusional opulence

Crammed in a plastic bottle

The unnatural heaven

And the lavish dwelling

Abuzz with the cry of new life

Heralded in the chambers

Praised by all and sundry

Drowning the negativity

Hiding the scars of reality

Bathed in silk and pure milk

Opulent bosoms tend

The infant sleeps in gold

The illusion of gaiety

Falls sharply at the edge

As a grey world emerges

With fangs dripping of blood

Outside the wall

Flow the bleached colours

Solace is a foe today

In a world of ravaged hope

Furrows of dark anguish

Mutating the skin

Makeshift dwellings catch the eye

Half-naked creatures of the night

Dissolved in the darkness

Salty droplets of neglect

Somewhere in the cluster

Amidst dirty scavengers

Dying embers emit a light

And a child is born

In the nectar of poverty

In the ocean of lost hope

Stone walls divide the worlds

Slow death of a lowly born

Fountain of life for the other

Two worlds so far

Yet so close… so close…

Unheralded life ebbs away

Into the distant nether

Velvet feather pampers the other

Paradoxical whimsical fate

Christens one and forgets the other

Published in Recours au Poème, France (August, 2013)

Published in Cuib Nest Nido, Romania (October, 2012)

Published in “A Poet’s View Of Being” by Brian Wrixon Books, Canada (October, 2012)

Let’s Be Quiet

Wrapped up by a blanket of sound
The world barks like a hound
The air we breathe is full of noise
They say that we have no choice
What is the meaning of serenity
If it does not exist in our city
Our ears grow old too fast
As peace of mind collects dust
Silence is like a gem today
Like a needle in the hay

Is it so hard to dispel noise
Find some calm and rejoice
Let us revisit the magical silence
Where is the need to be so tense
Let us be quiet for some time
Forget the world full of grime
Let us breathe happily once again
Let us try and become sane

Published in Cuib Nest Nido, Romania (October, 2012)

Published in Cybersoleil Journal, USA (September, 2012)

Musicism For The Soul

Dance down the boulevard
Seraphims of happiness fly
Sweet nectar in the veins
The saxophone plays..
Sharps and flats move..
Move like the beats of my heart
The colours blend in playfully
Neon lights dance to my beats
Leaves flow in a soft deluge
The branches sway at my music

Wrap your arms around it
The ganja flows in the air
Ambrosias smell like the magic
Peels of laughter resound
From beyond the horizon
Aurora dances in the sky
The music of happiness
Time ceases to stare
Wonderstruck eyes at the mirth
The notes build up on you
Build castles in the air
The ultimate saga is this
I play my saxophone
Beside the dusky river
Under the shining moonlight
I play my happy notes

Published in Cuib Nest Nido, Romania (October, 2012)

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